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Enchanting smile

Every one of us dreams about having a charming smile. White teeth constitute the base of health and self confidence. Thanks to the whitening treatment, you will get rid of discolourations caused by drinking coffee or tea, as well as smoking tobacco. At AMA Dental we offer various whitening methods. We perform teeth whitening at our clinics and provide sets for whitening your teeth at home. The process of teeth whitening at AMA Dental is always preceded by a consultation during which the dentist conducts an interview as well as a necessary examination of the entire oral cavity. During the examination, a pantomorphic picture is taken, which presents any possible dental cavities in great detail. If there is a need, a treatment is initiated – healthy teeth (and gums) condition the desired effects of their whitening.
Price: – Philips ZOOM 3490;- kr | Hemblekning Philips ZOOM + blekskenor 2900;- kr

Method Philips ZOOM

At AMA Dental teeth whitening is carried out with the Philips ZOOM method, which constitutes the safest and most efficient method of whitening teeth on the market. All agents include the CE marking and have a pH of 0.7 which is completely neutral and does not impact the structure of the plaque or dentin. Usually one therapeutic session is enough to achieve a noticeable change. Many patients notice a significant difference after just one procedure.


After performing the whitening procedure, it is also possible to carry out tooth enamel sealing which additionally protects the teeth for 10-12 months. It is an efficient protection which reduces any inconveniences related to the teeth being sensitive to cold or brushing. It also protects the teeth against discolourations. We are respected among our patients, proven by all their feedback. At our centre you can count on attractive prices and promotions.

Treatment and Payment

You will always receive a written treatment plan from us to verify costs and treatments that have already been or will be performed. The treatment plan will detail your treatments, along with a complete pricing evaluation.

Trust and Flexibility

Working with patients has always been, and of course remains, a pure pleasure for us. In particular, we take pride in seeing how the changes we make in terms of our patients’ smiles cause a simultaneous change in our patients' attitudes to their reality, self-confidence, comfort in eating and talking, and most importantly, their comfort around others, and the freedom to smile and relax during a conversation.

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