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General dental benefit (ATB)

General dental benefit is subsidised by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) in the amount of 300 or 600 SEK. The Swedish Social Insurance Agency promotes regular dental visits, so this funding is granted on the 1st of July each year and can be used as a part of your dentist examination and treatment fees. You can apply for ATB funding for up to 24 months, after which your funding amount will be renewed. Information on funding is also available at your dentist’s office.

What amount of ATB funding am I entitled to?

  1. If you are 23 years old or below, your dental care is free.
  2. If you are 24-29 years old, the grant is 600 SEK per year.
  3. If you are 30-64 years old, the grant amount is 300 SEK per year.
  4. If you are over 65, the grant is 600 SEK per year.


If you are 25 years old and you have not been to the dentist for two years, your unused ATB grant amount is 1,200 SEK. This amount will be automatically deducted from your next dental visit, unless you decide otherwise. Remember that you can never apply for ATB funding for more than two years. Therefore, it is worth planning your dental appointments in advance so that you can fully use the grant before its expiry date.

Protection against high costs of dental care

Protection against high costs of dental care means that you do not have to cover the full cost of treatment, only a part of it. You can only use the option of sharing costs if the cost of treatment is in line with the reference price, which does not exceed 3000 SEK during the compensation period. All information regarding the possibility of sharing the cost of your treatment is registered with your dentist and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) will refund the remaining amount.

When can you use cost sharing?

  1. You cannot use cost sharing if the cost of dental care is up to 3,000 SEK.
  2. If the cost of dental care is between 3,001 and 15,000 SEK, you will receive a 50% discount at the reference price.
  3. If the cost of dental care exceeds 15,000 SEK, you will receive an 85% discount at the reference price.

The reference price is the price set by the State, which applies to dental care. Please note that it is the reference price for each procedure that is the basis for compensation for the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), not the price the dentist will charge for the treatment. The patient must pay for any difference themselves.


NOTE! From the first of January the year you turn 24, you start paying your dental care yourself according to the usual price list.

Teeth whitening

1 Klinikblekning Philips ZOOM 3490.00 kr
2 Hemblekning Philips ZOOM + blekskenor 2990.00 kr

General Check-up

1 Basic examination and diagnostics, dentist 865.00 kr
2 Emergency examination + X-ray 445.00 kr
3 X-ray examination of a single tooth 65.00 kr

Tooth Removal

1 Tooth removal, per tooth 1255.00 kr
2 Tooth removal, per tooth, complex 1950.00 kr

Root Canal Treatment

1 Clean-up and root canal treatment, single root canal 3580.00 kr
2 Clean-up and root canal treatment, two root canals 4150.00 kr
3 Clean-up and root canal treatment, three root canals 5230.00 kr
4 Clean-up and root canals treatment, four or more root canals 5680.00 kr
5 Acute endodontic treatment 1290.00 kr

Dental Retainers 1 YEAR GUARANTEE

1 Retainer in hard acrylic in the upper jaw, per retainer 4116.00 kr
2 Retainer in hard acrylic in the lower jaw, per retainer 3730.00 kr
3 Soft plastic retainer, laboratory-made, per retainer 2532.00 kr


1 Fillings vary in price depending on tooth and surface 990.00 - 1525.00 kr

Fixed Dentures 2 YEAR GUARANTEE

1 Permanent dental crown (metal) 6135.00 kr
2 Permanent dental crown (zirconium) 6780.00 kr
3 Span in bridge (metal) 2820.00 kr
4 Span in bridge (zirconium) 3520.00 kr
5 Laboratory-made pillar with intra-articular pin 3195.00 kr
6 Clinic-made pillar with intra-articular pin 3195.00 kr
7 Cementing of loosened prosthetic construction, per support 570.00 kr


1 Partial denture for temporary use, one to three teeth 3715.00 kr
2 Partial denture for temporary use, four to seven teeth 7550.00 kr
3 Partial denture with cast, clamped 12730.00 kr
4 Whole jaw dentures including required number of teeth 11385.00 kr
5 Full upper jaw dentures including required number of teeth 9395.00 kr
6 Adjustment of removable dentures 370.00 kr
7 Repair of the dentures and/or the addition of a tooth 1350.00 kr
8 Relining of dentures 2520.00 kr
9 Relining and repair of dentures 3300.00 kr

Professional Teeth Cleaning

1 Professional teeth cleaning and tartar removal with Airflow + Fluoride Treatment 1400.00 - 1800.00 kr
2 Periodontal care 1250.00 - 3500.00 kr

How much does the implant cost?

1 The cost of the implant depends on the scope of treatment required and the amount of subsidy to be paid.

How much does dental care cost?

General dental allowance

You receive a grant every year that you can use for dental care. The grant is registered with the dentist and there is nothing you need to keep track of. A grant can be saved for a maximum of two years, then it expires. Therefore, be sure to visit your dentist or dental hygienist regularly to see your outstanding grant.

High cost protection

High cost protection means that the Social Insurance Agency pays a certain percentage of your dental costs if they reach a certain level in one year. It is also not something you need to keep yourself updated on, but it is registered with the dentist. At District Dentistry, we have a service to inform you when the high-cost protection expires, so that you have the time to have dental care you need before the high-cost period ends.

Splitting payments

You can easily split your dental costs with Klarna. Of course, card payments are also accepted. For more information on how to split payments, click here.

How do I pay?

With us you pay in cash, by debit card or split the payment after each visit.

Splitting payments

We offer dental care loans through Resursbank. For more info click here

Treatment and Payment

You will always receive a written treatment plan from us to verify costs and treatments that have already been or will be performed. The treatment plan will detail your treatments, along with a complete pricing evaluation.

Trust and Flexibility

Working with patients has always been, and of course remains, a pure pleasure for us. In particular, we take pride in seeing how the changes we make in terms of our patients’ smiles cause a simultaneous change in our patients' attitudes to their reality, self-confidence, comfort in eating and talking, and most importantly, their comfort around others, and the freedom to smile and relax during a conversation.

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