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Dental Clinic

AMA Dental is a professional and modern dental clinic in Stockholm. It is our mission to provide the highest quality service with maximum comfort and a friendly atmosphere. Among our other qualities are also a spacious and air-conditioned interior, and a professional service. Because we offer a wide range of services, we approach every patient individually and strive to satisfy their needs and expectations.


The high qualifications of our staff, the modern equipment of our clinics as well as the care to maintain a high quality of our services and the comfort and safety of patients, allowed us to create our modern dental practice. It is very important to us for our patients to not only have healthy but also beautiful teeth.

Treatment and Payment

You will always receive a written treatment plan from us to verify costs and treatments that have already been or will be performed. The treatment plan will detail your treatments, along with a complete pricing evaluation.

Trust and Flexibility

Working with patients has always been, and of course remains, a pure pleasure for us. In particular, we take pride in seeing how the changes we make in terms of our patients’ smiles cause a simultaneous change in our patients' attitudes to their reality, self-confidence, comfort in eating and talking, and most importantly, their comfort around others, and the freedom to smile and relax during a conversation.

We have been with you for many years. Thousands of patients have trusted us. We believe that a healthy smile is a beatuiful smile.

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