Forget everything you’ve seen, heard, or known about dentists.

AMA Dental – this is completely new standard

About us

Welcome to AMA Dental!

AMA Dental Dental is a modern and professional dentistry center in Stockholm. Our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality dental services, while at the same time maintaining maximum comfort, a pleasant and a friendly atmosphere. Due to our clinic’s perfect location, 10 minutes from the centre of Stockholm, direct travel is possible from all over the city using the T-Bana. Clients travelling by car may take advantage of our parking. Other advantages of AMA Dental include spacious, air conditioned interiors, and professional service. The wide selection of services offered by our center allows for an individual approach to every patient, as well as meeting his or her requirements.

We want you to associate our dental treatments and dentists with confidence and comfort. You should feel confident with not only the services offered by the center but also the friendly atmosphere, discretion, and the unique conditions which we’ve created for you.

Our idea

We want AMA Dental to be a place you come back to with certainty that it is your best choice for many years to come. Our goal is to show you that dental treatments may be carried out differently than your previous experiences might suggest. In comfortable and friendly conditions, with the care provided by a professional and friendly staff that possess the knowledge and experience necessary to efficiently treat your teeth.

At AMA Dental we provide the patient with comprehensive care, in which professionals with various specializations take part. We work with each other on various levels so that the undertaken treatment methods give the best results for our patients.

The opinions of our patients

Det är inte alla som ser fram mot sitt tandläkarbesök. Att komma till AMA Dental känns däremot riktigt bra. Det blir en regelbunden koll på tänderna och resten av ens person blir också väl omhändertagen. Jag kan varmt rekommendera AMA Dental!

Martin Håkansson

Det känns väldigt skönt att ha en tandläkare som det går att resonera med. AMA Dental är uppriktig och ärlig och tillsammans går det lätt att komma fram till hur man ska gå vidare med en viss behandling. Jag kan varmt rekommendera AMA Dental.

Susanne Wikingsson