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We provide warranty on specific treatments

As we are confident in our dental expertise, we take full responsibility for the success of the treatments our patients undergo. All you have to do is follow the specified oral hygiene guidelines, and come to our clinic for follow-up visits every one year, and we'll give you a guarantee for specific treatments:

Dental prosthesis

  1. One-year warranty on removable dentures
  2. Two-year warranty on permanent dentures
  3. Three-year warranty on implants

Two-year warranty on permanent dentures

  1. The warranty covers the exchange of crowns and bridges except for damage caused by an accident - then accident insurance applies.
  2. The warranty covers all services performed after 1st of March 2014.

The warranty also covers loss of the crown during tooth extraction. The amount you previously paid for the crown will be deducted from the cost of the implant or bridge to replace the lost tooth. The deduction cannot be exchanged for cash.

Composite fillings

The warranty covers composite fillings in permanent teeth for one year.

The above-mentioned warranty becomes valid from the moment the treatment plan is completed and at regular check-ups, including dental check-up, professional hygienisation and diagnostic radiography. The warranty conditions may be limited if the patient's oral hygiene is poor and the doctor's instructions are not followed, including failure to comply with medical appointments.

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