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The hygienic and prophylactic treatments performed on teeth at our center allow us to precisely clean the teeth, removing calculus and various other deposits. These treatments are especially important because calculus is much harder than dental plaque and that is why you won’t be able to remove it with the use of a toothbrush and toothpaste.


Straight teeth and a beautiful, crystal-white smile are considered one of the most important human features. Healthy and esthetic teeth are like a greeting card to everyone we meet, which improves our self esteem and helps with interpersonal contacts. At our center we perform a number of treatments in terms of esthetic dentistry. We take advantage of the safest methods and modern equipment in order to guarantee you the highest quality of services. In order to meet the needs of each respective client we select the shape and color of teeth after performing examinations and a detailed analysis.


Along with the development of periodontology, a separate specialised field has also been created, specialising in recreating initial occlusion conditions after losing teeth or their permanent damage. The prosthodontic treatment at our Dent Kraków center allows us to improve how teeth look but also restores their proper functioning. We perform prosthetics, crowns, and veneers, which get rid of problems concerning uneven, leaned out, or jammed teeth.


In terms of the services provided by the surgical center we perform various specialist treatments concerning dental surgery. We put special emphasis on the comfort of our patients and conducting painless procedures. We base the process of determining the recommendations for surgical proceedings on a precise and modern diagnostic, supported by consultations concerning other dentistry fields if needed.


Endodontic (root canal) treatment consists in removing the interior tissues of a tooth and filling the canals with specialist materials used in this field of dentistry. Specialist equipment and modern optics are needed in order to correctly carry out the treatment. Thanks to the availability of such equipment at our center, the treatments are carried out in a precise, efficient, and safe manner.


In terms of periodontology we comprehensively treat gum diseases. The treatments may concern the gums and bones surrounding one tooth, a group of teeth, or all of the teeth at once. Periodontical consultations are recommended when the patient suffers from gum pain or discomfort, bleeding and swelling, loose teeth, sensitivity to hot and cold liquids and dishes, exposed necks of teeth, and bad breath.